During my Internship I worked on this corporate design for the European Children's Film Association. I am very happy about it.  It is a topic I am passionate about (cooperation of European countries), and it was also the first time I really worked on building a CD from scratch- and it became reality too, which is still a little mind blowing (in a great way). 

Huge thanks to the wonderful people over at Designbüro Frankfurt (please visit their website) for giving me the opportunity to be part of this and giving "the intern" so much space to develop ideas. 

The project contained the logo design, colour, choosing typography and developing branding elements. 
I also designed the digital magazine (interactive epub & pdf) ECFA sends out to it's members.

The design was done by Designbüro Frankfurt.
All images were created by Designbüro Frankfurt.

I have more projects for you to look at :)

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