My "Vordiplom" (pre-diploma) is a  mixed media illustrated book, that explores the world through they eyes of a greiving child, speaking only with pictures and no text at all.

Usually, one of the biggest (and overlooked)  issues with children who expereince death for the first time, is that they experience wide awake what it means when the world changes and nothing is just like before. That sudden awareness that nothing is guaranteed and the loss of safety that comes with, it lets the world look entirely different. Children that experience loss in the critical age between 5 to 8 have to explain themselves the world as something they didnt think it would be. It's often a time of extreme confusion in which the child has to find new ways to walk through life and expereince safety again. Children often display extreme mood swings during this time: from apathy when the world seems cracked to euphoria when their fantastic minds seemingly found an explanation for their loss. They walk through a labyrinth, and some never find out of it.

In finding the images for this book I was entirely guided by my intution after reading alot of child psychology books, aswell as my own experiences as a young orphan. The lack of words children have for their grief inspired the missing text.

I have more projects for you to look at :)

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